Go Blue!® Seafood Sustainability Spectrum

Sea Port is dedicated to sourcing, improving and promoting environmentally sustainable seafood as a leading protein to help sustain mankind's future and that of our planet's ecosystems.

We created the Go Blue!® Seafood Sustainability Spectrum to visually communicate our core beliefs that consuming responsibly produced seafood promotes human health and environmental stewardship and that our unending commitment to improving our products’ sustainability advances these attributes.  This corporate philosophy and mission to advance all our products towards improved sustainability is embodied in our Go Blue!® corporate seal which appropriately represents the starting point for our Go Blue!® Seafood Sustainability Spectrum.  From this starting point, our spectrum progresses towards our Sea Port cresting wave logo which represents the ideal goal of the perfectly sustainable seafood.  Even though Sea Port believes this end goal is inherently dynamic and therefore elusive, our continuous efforts to reach it will result in accomplishing critically important improvements to the eco-sustainability of all our products. 

Sea Port took a holistic look at historical and present day animal food protein production systems and concluded that environmentally responsible wild fisheries and primarily aquaculture will take the prominent leadership role in providing for our future animal protein needs.  The historic activities of humans relentlessly claiming lands for housing and agriculture have irreversibly altered and degraded much of the habitat and genetic diversity of the Earth’s land animals and plants.  Sea Port does not want our oceans and inland waters to be succumb to this same trend and we believe that deriving our seafood from eco-sustainable aquatic sources will help prevent this.

Our unique human ability to alter, on an industrial scale, terrestrial ecosystems for agriculture has been an important factor in enabling our phenomenal population growth, resulting in our present world population of 8 billion (2 billion in 1930).  This exponential human population growth has put unprecedented demands on all of the Earth’s ecosystems.  It is projected that our population will explode to 10 billion by the year 2050.  This future population will desperately need additional animal food protein.   Sea Port believes that a diverse variety of proteins predominately derived from eco-sustainable aquaculture will be at the forefront in helping to fulfill this future need while minimizing the negative environmental impacts.  Therefore, Sea Port is dedicated to sourcing, improving and promoting environmentally sustainable seafood as a leading protein to help sustain mankind’s future and that of our planet’s ecosystems.

Our Sea Port Go Blue!® Seafood Sustainability Spectrum graphically summarizes our belief in seafood and shows our continuous pursuit to advance the sustainability of our diverse product line.  Each of our seafood items is given an initial position along our progressive spectrum to indicate its current sustainability status.  Sea Port determines an item’s placement position based upon an environmental risk assessment and also considers whether a fishery or aquaculture operation is taking steps to improve.  These evaluations are ongoing, and when there is a need to reposition a seafood item along the spectrum, Sea Port will initiate the appropriate update.

The Go Blue!® Seafood Sustainability Spectrum serves as our compass and yardstick as we move all our products forward to becoming more sustainable.  Please join us in this committed quest and Catch Our Wave® to sustainability.  By choosing a diverse variety of responsibly produced seafood as part of your diet, you can actively participate in this Go Blue!® initiative and ride our wave to further the advancement of seafood sustainability.  Please hop on this wave and Go Blue!® for our environment, for sustainability, for our health.