Top 10 Reasons to Buy from Sea Port

  1. Access to Certified Seafood:

    Satisfy customer demand for certified seafood products, including Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) for farmed and MSC for wild.

  2. Brand Power:

    Strengthen your supply chain by getting seafood from multiple producers and regions in consistently branded packaging.

  3. Cutting-Edge Technology:

    Stay informed– check prices, place your order, and buy seafood online through our industry-leading website.

  4. Efficiency:

    Get the product you need faster through our nationwide distribution network.

  5. Expertise:

    Relax and rely on our 30 years' experience importing seafood.

  6. Get Ahead:

    Stay on top of the latest trends with our innovative Cnami, Ola, and Sea Port brands.

  7. Get Connected:

    Through us, you can demonstrate your commitment to the future of the seafood industry and sustainable seafood. Sea Port is a member of the National Fisheries Institute, the Global Aquaculture Alliance, and the Northwest Fisheries Association. To ensure sustainability of our blue planet, we have partnered with the New England Aquarium.

  8. Save Big:

    Get the best quality seafood at the best prices!

  9. Service:

    Enjoy unmatched customer service and industry knowledge.

  10. Variety:

    Choose from more than 40 species from 15 countries.

Why Buy from Sea Port?

For more than three decades, Sea Port has anticipated—and met—the needs of the market by sourcing seafood from the best global suppliers of farmed and wild products. We have earned the reputation of being an ethical company that is committed to the global seafood community. We have aligned ourselves with leadership organizations and offer our support for their efforts on behalf of industry. And we don't just talk about sustainability: We go the extra nautical mile by undertaking initiatives to ensure that we are sourcing from environmentally responsible suppliers. So if you're looking for the best seafood products available, why not ride our wave?

When you buy from Sea Port, you are buying from experts who source some 40 species from 15 different countries—and we offer it all in one place. As your one-stop-shop, we offer the widest variety of quality seafood at the most competitive prices. Popular seafood such as Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Scallops, and Finfish—both wild and farmed—can be purchased from one company, under one roof, on the crest of one wave! What's more, we know our suppliers, and we only buy from suppliers we trust. Most of our suppliers have been our partners for over 15 years! In today's complex regulatory environment, such knowledge plays a vital role in assuring food safety and quality.

When you buy from Sea Port, you are also buying from people who understand trends in the marketplace. We train our staff to do more than simply "sell products": Instead, we see our team as experts who are trained to help you with solutions that are tailored to your business. And we go the extra mile in providing weekly price updates and announcements so you are always "in the know."

Finally, we've invested in the latest cutting-edge technology to make our products available 24/7 via our online ordering capability. And while we have invested in the technology to make buying from us both easy and efficient, we haven't forgotten that the seafood industry has been built on relationships between ethical suppliers and buyers—and we invite you to get to know us and ride with us.


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