Green Curry with Shrimps (Gawng Kiew Wan Goong)


2 servings

8  peeled Thai shrimps
100  grams round eggplants or brinjals, cut into four pieces
100  grams coconut cream (the top layer of coconut milk)
500  grams coconut milk
40  grams kiew wan curry paste
20  grams palm sugar
2  tbsp fish sauce
4  sliced red spur chillies
4  grams sweet basil leaves
2  shredded kaffir lime leaves


1.  Simmer coconut cream in a pan until the oil separates. Add green curry paste and stir until it dissolves.
2.  Add shrimp and fry until well cooked. Pour curry in a separate pot. Bring the curry along with the coconut milk to a full boil over medium heat.
3.  Add round eggplants or brinjals and season with fish sauce and palm sugar. When the curry returns to a boil, the round eggplants or brinjals will be cooked.
4.  Add red spur chillies, shredded kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil leaves. Serve in a bowl. 


- Different shades of green result from the coconut oil and the cooking time. If the curry paste is burned while frying, the curry will be darker than usual and have a slightly bitter taste. Likewise, if undercooked, it will appear pale in color and mild in taste and aroma.
- As an alternative shrimp can be replaces with chicken, pork or beef.
- To keep the round eggplants or brinjals fresh and green, cut and soak in salted water. Only use when the curry is fully boiling. 


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Green Curry with Shrimps (Gawng Kiew Wan Goong)