Sour Curry with Mixed Vegetables (Gaeng Som Phak Ruam)


1. Clean the shrimps thoroughly and devein them.  Bring the vegetable stock (or water) to a boil and add Gaeng Som paste.

2. When the soup returns to a full boil, add vegetables in this order: cauliflower, long beans and cabbage.

3. Season with palm sugar, tamarind juice and fish sauce, making sure everything is well dissolved.

4. Add shrimps and cook briefly.



  •  As an alternative, shrimp can be replaced with fish.
  • Seafood cooks quite quickly thus shrimp and fish should be in the boiling soup only briefly, and then whisked out and served to keep it fresh and juicy.
  • Prepare the drier, tougher ingredients first, like cauliflower and long beans, followed by leafy vegetables like cabbage.


5  peeled Thai shrimps
80 grams  long beans, chopped into one inch pieces
80 grams  cauliflower, but into bite size pieces
100 grams  cabbage, chopped two inch cubes
40 grams  Gaeng Som paste
500 grams  vegetable stock or water
4 tbsp  tamarind juice
15 grams  palm sugar
2 tbsp  fish sauce


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Sour Curry with Mixed Vegetables (Gaeng Som Phak Ruam)